s35 Finale and Winner!

Howdy, folks. First of all, thanks for hanging with me for another fun season of our favorite show and the survivorgame! It was a fun final episode with the dick doctor leaving first, followed by Devon’s fire challenge loss (maybe he should have practiced instead of meditate?), and Ben’s eventual win.

I want to draw your attention to a few polls for the last two seasons on:

Most Shocking Moment

Funniest Moment

Best Move

Best Alliance

Best Character

Best Episode

Check ’em out and vote – polls close on New Year’s Day.


OK, on to our game. We have a new winner and it’s me! I know that none of you suspected that I could pull it off, but I proved you all wrong. Suck it!

tim as jeff

Here’s the results:





As always, thanks for playing and happy watching!

funny probst



One thought on “s35 Finale and Winner!

  1. Congrats to the Hoelzles on a one, two finish:) Happy to hang in the 200 club with y’all. Congrats to Timmy on his big win!


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